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If you’re looking for a betting mobile application that is stable, reliable, intuitive, and want the ability to bet on a range of international sports and markets, then you should download Betway sports app and try it!

Betway App Screenshots

Main tab of the Betway app
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Betway Sports App Review

A detailed review of the Betway mobile sports betting app

Betway application for sports betting is available on both the iOS and Android platforms for download. With iOS, it is easily available for download through the official Apple Store, but for Android users, it is not available for download in the Google Play. Besides, the apps are quite similar to each other and visually looks like the official website. Overall, the performance of the Betway sports app has quite improved since the time it was launched. The options are similar as they are in the browser, so there ano difficulties in understanding the app’s functioning.

The amazing features of the mobile application make the betting experience of the punters more fun, real and profitable! The high odds, betting features, and the available bonuses are only a few of the advantages of sports betting at Betway.

characteristics of the application

The app compatibility refers to the important software requirements by both Android and Apple users to install the betting app. Let’s talk about the apk and iOS app and their compatibility level.

OS Version4.1 & UpiOS 11.0 & Up
Free Space2.5 MB53.9 MB

Download Betway app for android

How to download and install the Betway app on Android

The Betway apk is created for players who have Android 4.1 or higher. There are many options to choose from, like in-play betting, watching live streams, getting odds updates, and withdrawal options.

The Android users can directly download the Betway apk app from the official website. Follow these steps:

  1. Visit Betway mobile site. Once you visit the betting site, you will find a “Download mobile app” button for Android users. Click on it.
  2. Give all the required permissions. Agree to all the requirements and permissions needed by the Betway apk app.
  3. Click Install. Click the “Install” button in the center of the screen, and the process of installation will start.

Betway allows Android users look for sports events, and access any banking method for rapid deposits and withdrawals. The Betway is a perfect combination for both traditional sports apps as well as modern casino mobile apps. Everything in one place, great, isn’t it?

There are always so many Betway bonuses offered on the website to choose from. There are always amazing bonus offers in the app as well.

Download Betway app for IOS

Detailed instructions on how to install the Betway mobile app on iOS device

The users of iOS devices will get access to high-quality features, like live sports events streams and updates of the latest score, so that they can bet in real-time without any delay.

To download the Betway sports app to your iPhone or iPad, follow these steps:

  1. Create an account on the website. Once you have created an account on the official site of Betway, visit the Apple Store from your device.
  2. Find the official app for iOS users. Visiting the Apple Store from your device, you will find the Betway iOS app. Download the app and install it on your Apple device.
  3. Log in. This step is for Indian users. You have to choose your country and then log in to the Betway India app.

The iOS version of the Betway app is specially created for iPhone and iPad users. So, this app is only available in the App Store for iOS devices. Not just that, Betway updates its app every couple of months and takes reviews of the users regarding their experience on the app. You can access more than 1500 games and bet on various live sports events through this amazing iOS Betway app. To keep the players entertained, they provide various free betting offers and a lot more for their app users.

Betway Application BETTING Options

Betway Betting Markets

A market is a place where people deal in economic transactions. Just like a market deals in stocks, homes, groceries same way goes for sports. As a punter, a person is just buying and selling a player or team at a certain price.

There are many sports available on Betway apps like cricket, tennis, hockey, football, baseball, basketball, and badminton. The sports games provided on this website are exciting. One can find any match on this website from any country and games of different countries. The site also includes top games and sports worldwide, making them one of the most popular websites to play and win. It has live games, where you can interact with new users every day and play with them.


Detailed information about payments in Betway mobile app

Betway sports app has a variety of payment methods to choose from. The Betway app is a very famous way of betting for punters. Betway app has different forms of payments for its users from all around the world. Players can pay from debit/credit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers to deposit or withdraw money.


Despite a harsh competitive environment, the Betway sports app has come a long way. It covers various betting markets, including over 3000 in play markets. Betway offers excellent value on many sports, and it is well worth checking out the odds with this bookie before you put down your cash elsewhere. Here are some of the amazing features of the Betway app that makes it different from others.

Live streaming

Isn’t it great that you can watch live match on your mobile phone? You feel like you are in the stadium. Not just that, you can also place your bets during the live match and also pre-match. The odds are also updated on time. The app ensures that you have the best experience of online betting and also do not miss out on the fun at the same time.

Live streaming
Free Bet Club

Free bet club

It is one of the most famous offers of the Betway app, which allows its regular, active players to win up to £10 in free bets each week. If you want to participate, you will have to place a bet of £ 25 on the accumulators.

In-play betting option

The Betway app is specially created for punters, and there is everything in this app that will grab their attention. There are multiple ranges of betting options that will keep you hooked. There are a variety of sports offering favorable odds for over 15,000 betting markets.

Betway In-Play Option
Betway Cashout


Cash-out betting means settling your bets early. It is a feature found in all the top betting sites and Betway, of course. With the cash out option, you can save your loss. If you are on the end of likely losing cash out of the bet, this means you could save some of your losses.


Betway mobile app is amazing and is one of its kind, it has made the gambling experience fun. It introduces the punters to a completely new world of betting, with the app providing the best odds to place your bet. The presentation of the site is excellent, and the navigation process is easy. That is what makes Betway the best and one of the most preferred Betting platforms for punters.

The Betway sports app has got a very impressive score of 4 stars out of 5 in the Google Play, and it currently has an average rating of an 4.5 stars out of 5 in the Apple Store.

Most users found the app to be quick and easy to use. There were also several positive comments made about Betway’s weekly free bets. The common issue amongst people who left negative reviews regards the application’s inability to load at times. Betway is going to fix it. It is an app that all the punters must try once.

The combination of the available gaming options and betting features at Betway’s app makes the mobile services of the operator a top choice for many punters. The other facts and details about Betway mobile apps, which we described in our review, can help you form an overall picture of the bookmaker.


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