Melbet Registration & Verification for new users: step-by-step guide

Registration on the bookmaker’s website gives the client full access to all sections, as well as offers a number of advantages, among which is a welcome bonus.

Melbet Registration Options

Opening an account at Melbet is simple, and the process can be done in multiple ways:

  • Register with a telephone number;
  • Creating a profile with your primary e-mail (preferably Google);
  • Signing up through the one-click method;
  • Using a social media profile.

All players need to have is a verified account to get the promotions, even their possible wins.

Phone Number Registration

Melbet registration and login can be easily completed through your mobile phone. Whatever your login preference is, the telephone number might get into action like this:

  1. Visit the official website of the bookie;
  2. On the Melbet registration window, tap ‘By Phone Number’;
  3. Type in the numbers;
  4. Create a password and repeat it to confirm;
  5. Tick the checkbox in front the ‘I’m not a robot’ line;
  6. Agree to the T&C;
  7. Click the ‘Register’ button and confirm your registration.

When you’re done with this process, you can easily access the sports and casino sections. You’ll only be required to type in your telephone number and password on your next login.

One-Click Registration

one click registration

Melbet is online bookie where gamers can register with only one click. The initial process has only a few steps, and here they are:

  1. Access the official website;
  2. Next, tap the register key;
  3. Choose the One-Click option;
  4. Checkmark the box before Terms and Conditions;
  5. After you’ve created an account, add the info the operator requests. This involves e-mail, password, and personal data such as Full Name, Age, Country of residence, and Address.

Email Registration

E-mail registration is the most commonly used sign-up method. The whole process goes like this:

  1. Head to the bookie’s official site;
  2. From the Melbet registration options, select ‘by email’;
  3. Pick a country, zip code, district and municipality;
  4. Add your name, surname;
  5. Pick a legal tender;
  6. Add your email;
  7. Make up a password and confirm it;
  8. Accept the bookie’s T&C;
  9. Enter the profile by logging in and get on with your betting.

Social Network Registration

The latest addition to the Melbet registration options is using social media. Here’s the easiest way to connect your account to your social media profile:

  1. Go to the official Melbet website;
  2. Click the ‘Register’ button;
  3. Choose the ‘Social Network’ option;
  4. Select a currency;
  5. Add your link from the social media profile;
  6. Tick the box to accept the T&C.

Once you sign up, there is a second step before you are officially in. The verification process and details are listed below.

Sign Up Requirements

Melbet advises its customers to look over the basic requirements it has in place. By being aware of these simple rules, customers will have an easier time using their account and betting on the site.

  • Only 18+-year-olds are legally allowed to gamble at the bookie. If the operator found a player is underage, their winnings will be forfeited and their account will be suspended.
  • Every user can have only one account. If other accounts are recognised to have the same owner, they will not be permitted to operate in the following 60 days.

One interesting feature that the bookie offers is the ‘Transfer to a Friend’ option. By using it, a customer with greater funds can transfer some or all of them to another account. This is possible as long as the other account is active and has a phone number connected to it.

Further general and specific info for this operator is available in the Terms and Conditions section.

Bonus for new users

New customers are eligible for the Melbet registration bonus of up to 20,000 INR. This promo will match your initial deposit at 100%, thus doubling your funds. 

Eligible players for the Melbet registration bonus must stick to the following guidelines:

  • This is a one-time registration bonus;
  • Only one player can claim it;
  • Only active accounts with an attached mobile number can participate;
  • All personal data must be filled in during the Melbet registration in order to become eligible;
  • The deposit can range from a minimum of 110 INR up to 20,000 INR;
  • Wagering Requirements and General Bonus Terms apply.

Read about actual Melbet promo code.

Melbet Login

Once you have made a successful registration, the next time you want to play, you must go through the Melbet login process. Getting into your account is easy and it only requires a few steps:

  1. Visit the official site of the operator;
  2. Click the login button;
  3. Add your email address or your bookie-provided ID;
  4. Type in your password;
  5. Mark the ‘Remember’ option, so you won’t have to repeat this process every time you want to gamble on the site.

Account Verification

The bookie requires every player to verify their legitimacy status. The verification step happens just before your first withdrawal. Sometimes, the operator will ask you to do so in advance, but this is a rare occasion, and it all depends on the account holder.

Required information:

  • Your address;
  • Mobile number;
  • Name and last name;
  • Email;
  • Copy of ID.

This information is mandatory, so be prepared to supply all the details upon request. As soon as you provide this info, a customer service agent from the security department will contact you. When all your details are verified, you can proceed to make a withdrawal, if you’ve satisfied all the wagering requirements.


How do I verify my account?

The verification process is different for every user. This is because it all depends on the customers’ accounts and location. The verification process may take up to 14 days. During these two weeks, a customer service verification agent will contact the profile user at some time. Once you provide the sportsbook with the required documents as well as your mobile number, you are good to go, probably in the next 24 hours. Make sure to supply readable copies of the necessary documents and truthful information.

How do you KYC in Melbet?

Melbet expects customers to provide their documents upon request. These identity-related documents must contain the user’s name and last name, phone number, current address, bank account details, and a copy of their ID. These documents are necessary to prove that the customer making the registration is indeed the same one behind the screen. This also serves as a protection for both the customer and the sportsbook operator.


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