Insure your bet on Mostbet

Do you want to be guaranteed that you won’t lose money if your bet loses? You can take out betting insurance at any moment of the match, in which case you will be sure of your winnings!

How to make insurance bets?

This function is very easy to use:

  • You can insure any bet on a single outcome or a multi outcome express.
  • When you select the insurance function, its cost can be seen immediately in the coupon.
  • If the bet turns out to be winning, the player will get the full remuneration.
  • If the outcome turns out to be a loss, the player will receive the insured part of the amount of this bet.

Additional conditions of the action

The value of insurance depends on the odds of the event for which insurance was issued. The player can make several insurances for the same bet.

You can arrange insurance in your personal profile on the Mostbet website in the betting history section at any time during a match. It cannot be cancelled later.

If the player takes out insurance for a parlay, the odds of all outcomes in the coupon are insured.

At Mostbet it is possible to insure all bets except for those bets made with bonuses, freebets or promo codes.


Daanish Kaul

Daanish Kaul

I've loved watching sporting events with the whole family since I was a kid, I'm a particular cricket fanatic and I even played as a student myself, so I know all the ins and outs of sporting events very well.

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