Payout for a tennis bet if your opponent leaves the game due to injury

Bet365 will pay you a full refund on a tennis bet if your opponent withdraws due to injury! This promotion is available to all registered Bet365 members. Your winnings will be paid out to you as a free bet.

How to take advantage of this promotion:

  1. Place a pre-match single bet on the winner of a match in any ATP, WTA or Grand Slam tournament.
  2. If your player’s opponent withdraws due to injury, Bet365 will pay the full betting fee. The bet will be refunded in cash and the winnings will be a free bet.

A bet placed on a player who leaves due to injury will be voided, with the bet amount returned to the account.

If all or part of the bet was placed using the free bet bonus, this part of your bet will be refunded as a free bet and the balance will be cash back on balance.

The guarantee does not apply if the bet was fully cashed out (CashOut). If the bet was partially cashed out, the guarantee will apply to your remaining active bet.

The guarantee does not apply to bets made on qualifying matches.


Daanish Kaul

Daanish Kaul

I've loved watching sporting events with the whole family since I was a kid, I'm a particular cricket fanatic and I even played as a student myself, so I know all the ins and outs of sporting events very well.

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