100% betting insurance on 1xBet website

Each client of 1xBet can insure his bet in full or in part. Betting insurance is a paid service, the cost of which depends on the current probability of an insured event.

Insurance can be purchased only for single and express bets. And if your bet loses, the insured part of the bet will be refunded.

Example. A bet of 10 euro was made with odds of 1.8. You want to insure 100% of the bet. 1xBet offers insurance at a price of 5 euros. If you agree, an amount of €5 will be deducted from your account.

If the bet wins, you are paid the full amount of 18 euros.

If the bet loses, you are paid 10 euros, because the full bet amount (10 euros) was insured.

Several insurances can be bought for one bet. For example, a customer can first insure 10%, then 30%, then another 50%. Please note that the price of insurance can change in accordance with current changes in the coefficients.

The total amount of all purchased insurances cannot exceed 100% of the rate.


Bhavin Vasa

Bhavin Vasa

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