10% Cashback at Parimatch LIVE Casino

You can request a 10% refund on all the money you lose at Parimatch Live Casino over the weekend.

Participate in your favorite games over the weekend and if you are unsuccessful, you can get 10% of your losses back. All you have to do is email [email protected] with your game account number. And the following weekend you will receive a refund of 10% of the amount lost to your Live Casino account.

The appeal must be sent by the end of the Monday following the weekend in which you played.

Example: You lost 1000 Indian rupees on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 October. You need to write a letter with your account number no later than Monday, October 27. Then an amount equal to 10% of the amount of your loss – 100 rupees will be credited to your account.

Promotional Terms and Conditions

This bonus offer is only available to Live Casino customers. Bets that are 30 times the average bet amount are not refundable.

For example: you have played 100 rounds with an average bet of 5, and in the next round you bet 1000. The average bet changed from 5 to 15. 1000/15 = 67. This bet is non-refundable. If you continued playing and placed 3 more bets of 1500 each, your average bet changed to 60. 1500/60 = 25. In this case, all of your bets are refundable.

Game actions, in which there are bets with 97% probability of winning (for example: betting in one round on “red” and “black”, “even” and “odd” and so on.) are not insured.

Only bets placed between 00:00 Saturday and 23:59 on Sunday, Western European Time (UTC +00:00) will count towards the promotion.

Cashback will be credited within 72 hours after the weekend. The maximum cashback per game account for the weekend is $500 or the equivalent in the currency of your game account.

The maximum refund for VIP and Premium customers per game account over the weekend is $1,000 or the equivalent in the currency of your game account.

The minimum cashback amount is $5. One bonus dollar equals 70 Indian rupees.


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